Maintaining the bottom line of your hotel business is one of the great challenges of the hospitality trade. Occupying a fixed space with a fixed number of rooms and tables is very limiting and only adds to the issues facing a hospitality entrepeneur today.

At Vista Commercial we’ve come up with a unique solution for the outside space you’ve previously only been able to use during the summer months, or not at all, and it comes in a number of shapes and sizes.

Our versatile commercial structures are designed to enable you to operate 365 days a year. We can put up a structure that will enable you to keep using those tables, and creating extra revenue, 12 months of the year.

ROOMY is our market leading cafe/bar/restaurant in a box that can be erected in no time and be generating profit before you can say ‘Double Espresso’.

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Isola 2 is Roomy’s new little brother. With a similar retractable roof and square/oblong stand alone capability Isola 2 is as versatile as any of our structures – wedding room, dining room, sun room or breakfast room Isola 2 is ready to get those profits rolling in.

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GENNIUS Pergola is ideal for covering the outside space you already use, making it available 365 days a year. With built in lighting, music and heating you really can bring the inside outside.

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KEDRY is our most versatile, contemporary structure with remote Bio-Climate blades that let the sun in but keep the rain out. Available in a stand-alone, pergola style or bridging configuration, KEDRY is our fit anywhere product.

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All commercial packages include planning application management, delivery, installation, access to tax efficient finance options, comprehensive warranties and after care services including fast glass replacement.

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